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Mystic Seaport 

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What is Mystic Seaport? Ask three people and chances are you’ll get three very different answers. To some, it’s a fun family destination offering hands-on activities and special events. To others, it’s a world-renowned maritime museum featuring exhibit halls and historical interpreters. And to still others, it’s an incredibly valuable education and research center. In fact, it’s all three – located within 19 charming acres on the banks of Connecticut’s legendary Mystic River. Read more.

MACMystic Arts Center

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The mission of the Mystic Arts Center is to foster the creation and to promote the understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the arts for the broad public. Read more.


The Avery-Copp House

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The Avery Copp House was built c.1800 by Rufus Avery, right next door to his own home. It served as the home of his two sons and their wives, and was later sold to a cousin named Latham Avery. Latham Avery had gone to sea as a young man and after a successful career as a merchant seaman he returned to his hometown of Groton to marry and raise a family. Read more.


Outer Light Brewery

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The founders at Outer Light Brewing Company are inspired by life’s simple pleasures.  It could be a perfect summer afternoon watching the powdery white clouds contrast a bright blue sky. It could be a fleeting moment in early spring as you sit on your surfboard, waiting for the perfect set to roll in.  Or it could be a crisp autumn evening shared with friends around a crackling campfire. OLBC captures the experience of those moments in a bottle, barrel, and growler. Read more.

MysticAquarium (1)

Mystic Aquarium

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At Mystic Aquarium, close encounters of the incredible kind happen every day! Whether you're touching a ray, feeling the splash of a beluga whale, going beak-to-nose with a penguin or exploring the five most extreme habitats of our ocean planet, you'll learn more and "sea" more than you ever thought possible! Read more.

Galaxy LogoGalaxy Roller Rink

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Galaxy Roller Rink is a family owned and operated facility that puts the emphasis on family fun and family entertainment in a safe, clean and healthy environment. Book your party or fundraiser, come down with your friends or come in and meet new friends. We always have a live DJ and offer traditional games and contests along with some new ones we’re sure you’ll enjoy. It’s time to get your roll on! Read more.

eastern pt beach

Eastern Point Beach

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Eastern Point Beach is a small family-oriented beach at the mouth of the Thames River near the University of Connecticut's Avery Point campus. The site offer showers, picnic tables, concession stand and playground. Shallow water depths along the beach and seasonal supervised swimming also make this beach a favorite for families. Seasonal parking stickers are available for purchase on an annual basis. A daily parking fee is also an option. Read more.


Hel-Cat II Fishing Boat

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The Hel-Cat II was designed and built by Captain Brad Glas. She is the largest Party Boat in New England at 114' long and 26' wide. The boat was designed with several factors in mind, the foremost being safety. The Hel-Cat II is by far one of the most solid boats ever built for the party boat industry. She not only meets Coast Guard regulations but far exceeds structural requirements. The next factor is comfort. Read more.


Submarine Force Museum

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The Submarine Force Museum, located on the Thames River in Groton, Connecticut, maintains the world's finest collection of submarine artifacts. It is the only submarine museum operated by the United States Navy, and as such is the primary repository for artifacts, documents and photographs relating to U.S. Submarine Force history. The museum traces the development of the "Silent Service" from David Bushnell's Turtle, used in the Revolutionary War, to the Ohio and Virginia class submarines. Read more.


Bluff Point State Park

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Bluff Point is the last remaining significant piece of undeveloped land along the Connecticut coastline. Jutting out into waters of Long Island Sound this wooded peninsula, measuring one and one-half miles long by one mile wide, encompasses over 800 acres. Read more.


Central Bark Dog Park

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Visit Groton's Central Bark Dog Park today! With separate fully fenced areas for both small and large dogs, your furry friends are sure to have a great time and get some exercise. Please be courteous of others and abide by the rules at all times for everyone's safety and enjoyment. Read more.


Ft. Griswold Battlefield State Park

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This is the historic site where, on September 6, 1781, British Forces, commanded by the infamous Benedict Arnold, captured the Fort and massacred 88 of the 165 defenders stationed there. The Ebenezer Avery House which sheltered the wounded after the battle has been restored on the grounds. A Revolutionary War museum also depicts the era. Fort Griswold was designated as a state park in 1953. Read more.